The new MGM and Nova cane and teak garden furniture is here

The new MGM and Nova cane and teak wood landscape furniture is here


Now that the weather is actually hot you are starting to think about how to best utilize any of your outdoor spaces.  Whether a deck, your yard, a brick paver patio or even a hot tub porch choosing the right furniture can help make the transition from inside to out a seamless one.

For certain areas it might make more sense to purchase some outdoor furniture made from teak wood.  In other areas it might look better to choose something made from aluminum.  Teak furniture can be nice when on a wood deck because it blends nicely with most types of decking.  Wrought Iron can also be a great choice for an outdoor brick paver patio because it compliments the brick so well and keeps with an industrial look.  Any of the choices listed are great outdoor choices.

If you are furnishing a sunroom you might be able to get away with using traditional furniture in that area.  In my opinion this is a better option for a sunroom and keeps with the standard living space look and makes the transition even more seamless.

Teak is a beautiful wood that is traditionally used to make walking sticks.  It is a pretty sturdy wood otherwise it would not be used as a cane to support the weight of a human being.  I consider the overall look of Teak to flow well with a cottage type space.  Not to say that is the rule or anything, just that I think it gives you that nice relaxing feeling that you have when you visit a cottage for the weekend.

One other feature of Teak is that it can be used easily indoor or outdoor and this means that you can use the furniture year round, making room in a basement is a great option for the winter time in order to get more use out of your outdoor furniture.  Teak furniture is available in many different colors from espresso to a light natural stain.  You have the ability to choose a stain that will go with your decor.

If you are planning on furnishing an outdoor bbq or stone patio then you may want to go with an aluminum set of furniture.  Nice metal furniture can make for a great centerpiece to your area and will also be very functional.  When you buy quality aluminum furniture they are built to last a lifetime and you will be able to use the furniture for years to come, it may even outlast you. haha

No matter what type of outdoor area you would like to highlight or add function to, there are a lot of quality options out there for you.  Visiting a local furniture maker is the way to go.  The big box stores are becoming worse and worse every year and most of the furniture that they carry is cheaply made in China and will not stand up to the weather.  Obviously you will pay a premium to get handmade products but you have to look at the big picture and try to keep in mind that you will probably get about five times of life out of something that only cost you 3 times as much money.


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