Lighting Buying Guide

Illumination Purchasing Manual

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We have put together a short guide in order to help you properly choose what types of lighting might be the right fit for your needs in your home or office.  There is something to be said for lighting up your particular life with a certain glow that is true to your personality and way of life.  Not a lot a people pay attention to lighting now a days but with just a bit of attention you can add drama and excitement to your home just by choosing the right type of lighting.

Not only is it important to pay attention to the illumination that a lamp will create but it is also important to see what type of pattern that the light will cast onto the room in question.  Buying a lamp simply because it looks cool might leave you disappointed in the long term because of the shadows or lack of coverage that the lamp provides.

You will also need to think about where you plan on using the lighting.
– Interior lighting:

  • Lounge
  • Bathroom
  • Office
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room

– Outdoor Lights:

  • House
  • Yard or landscaping lights

You will want to look for the following features as a good set of lighting will provide the following-

– Cast light as well as brighten
– Improve on poorly lit areas
– Give an area a specific aura
– Personalize and boost safety and security

Once you have gone through and decided what type of lighting and where the lighting will be located it will be much easier to make a decision on what to look for.  There are many different types of lighting systems to choose from depending on what you are looking for

Ceiling: Ceiling lights can be a great center piece for a living room and can also be a conversation starter.

Roof fixtures: Canister lighting can be great to highlight certain areas or even artwork that you have on display.

Pendant lights: Unlike the canister lights, pendant lights hang below the ceiling on a rope or chain.  This can add a very interesting look similar to that if a pendant hanging from a necklace.

Mounted lights: Track lighting contains a series of lights placed to a metal strip. These are great because they can usually be moved by hand and will swivel to different areas below.

Wall-mounted fixtures: Wall surface candlesticks might be fixed to wall surfaces. Used to highlight paintings, art work and other décor regions, they light up the surface of a wall as well as incorporate a touch of complexity.

Swing-arm lamps: Great for utility and function these are great for a study or office.

Table Lamps: Dining table lights, work desk lamps are effective in a study space.  They can also be used to light up a work station in your garage.

Flooring Lamps: When choosing a floor lamp ask the following questions.

1) What is the objective of the light (cosmetic, functional or even highlighting (any or all)

2) Does the style fit my decor’?

3) What type of material is it made from?  (wood, metal, plastic)

Types of Floor Lamps:.

a) Console Flooring Lamp: Timeless classic, single upright rod with single lightbulb.
b) Tree light: Upright rod with several offshoots each of which contain a lightbulb.
c) Arc Lamps: Upright rod with a single curved rod that can overhang into the room.
d) Torch Lamps: Designed to highlight, this is a great lightweight option that can make an environment.

Exterior Lamps: Used to highlight areas and for safety.

Path lights: crucial to highlight walking paths

Light lights: Useful in patio area and outdoor regions, you can dangle them on the wall structure beside the front door, or even in a free doorway, or outside the house on wall structures that run parallel to the yard.

Floodlights: You could highlight any type of region like sitting location in the backyard, or simply to decorate an area.

Lanterns: Offering a fascinating contrast to contemporary décor, you can easily light up lanterns to highlight the yard, gateway, lawn, entrance way, or even garage.

I imagine that we probably missed a few styles of lights but hopefully this was a large enough list to get you started.

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