IT HAS BEGUN-Bathroom Remod

So we’ve been remodeling our home. We have our bathroom completely done now with new paint on the wall that is a pale blue and new tile is almost a light brown or tan color. It looks fantastic. We got in new cabinet for the bathroom new mirror, new countertop new faucet. We also got new spicket and shower head in the shower. We got new racks for the towels and a new shower curtain. Everything is new and I love it. Surprisingly enough we accomplished this project without a single argument. I am so very proud of us! We agreed on everything from the tile, to the paint, fixtures, to the towel rack. We both wanted the same thing and it was awesome.barewalls

(gutted bathroom)

We got that old fashion looking faucet that looks like a water well pump in matte and it is my most favorite thing of the bathroom. All of the hardware that we installed in the bathroom has a matte finish which I love. I love the way polished stainless feels but it’s so hard to clean and I don’t want that soap scum lime build up film that always shows up on it. That made the matte an easy choice.  We stuck with the shower curtain because I don’t like the doors because the tracks always get so disgusting and they’re so hard to clean and I also dislike the track because no matter what you do you always get that mildew all over it. So we stuck with the shower curtain. We got a huge shower nozzle attachment, which is better than our old one because the head is detachable and it makes cleaning the shower so much easier. We did have to upgrade our water heater though because the volume of water is actually much higher and running out of hot water is not one of my favorite things. It was pretty frustrating because we just completed a water heater repair a couple weeks before on our existing tank but we were able to salvage the old tank for re-use in our soon to be built basement bathroom. I love the way our new bathroom look and I could not be more happy with it.

Until the next project,

Larry + Susan

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