Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs

Selecting And Care Of Asian Carpets


There is nothing more striking on a floor than that of an oriental rug.  There are a lot of designers out there that will completely design the room around a single rug.  The treat it as a center piece of sorts and with good reason.  The intricacies that go into an oriental rug can be quite stunning.

Pricing of oriental rugs are dependent on a few things such as the amount of time spent and the grade of the materials that were used to create it.  The best thing to look for is one made from a high quality wool and dyes.  When you come across cheap oriental rugs they will usually be made with synthetic fibers and can use substandard dyes that will bleed when wet.

There are a lot of fake oriental rug out there these days.  A true oriental rug is made completely by hand and a lot of manufactures are labeling their rugs as oriental when in reality they are selling rugs that are made in a factory by a machine.  Any expert in the field can easily tell the difference when inspecting a fraudulent rug. Those machines can simply not create the same type of knots necessary to make it a true oriental.  One other way to ensure that a rug is actually hand made is to check the bottom of the rug.  If the bottom is coated in some type of plastic or synthetic rubber then you almost definitely have a fake.  Also if the bottom portion is not incorporated directly into the rug itself then you most likely have one made in a factory.  With a hand made rug the bottom will be part of the rug and hand woven into it.  Always purchase a new rug from a reputable vendor or flooring store otherwise you might be taken for a magic carpet ride. hehe

A couple tips for when you do get a rug…

  1. Quality under padding– this will ensure that your rug will live a long life and will not be damaged by traffic on the hard wood or tile floor.  This will also help keep it in place.
  2. Keep it out of direct sun- This can sometimes be unavoidable but if you have a choice then my suggestion would be to keep it out of direct sunlight.  The suns powerful rays will damage the color of your new rug especially when it is sitting the sun for years on end.
  3. Never dry clean– I know that this one may come as a surprise but oriental rugs are very delicate to wash.  Dry cleaning is not good but neither is carpet steam cleaning.  Both of these will strip your rug of the natural oils that keep it from becoming brittle and dry.  Remember that real oriental rugs are made from wool and wool is full of oil similar to human hair.  These oils keep the hair healthy, same goes for wool.  The only way that I suggest to clean them is using a local pro that knows the proper way to keep the integrity in tact .

I hope that this article has been insightful and aids in your search for a quality carpet.  We hope to have other buying guides in the near future.  Let us know if you have any suggestions or requests.


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