Time to Remodel…. plumbing, flooring and paint

My husband and I have decided to do some renovation and improvement on our home, we have also decided to decorate it differently as well. It’s pretty much time for a change. For the most part it’s going well, we are having some difficulty agreeing on how to decorate and what type of flooring we want in it. We have slightly different taste so we are trying to find a good compromise.

One of the things that is making it easier for us is that we have two extra rooms so each of us get a room and then we can make that our own and decorated it however we want in there. So that’s helping to make the other room where we actually have to agree on stuff easier to deal with. I am a book lover so for my room I’m going to make it my own personal library. I’m going to build shelves on the wall all walls and floor to ceiling, this way I can display all of my books. I have so many books right now that the majority of them are in boxes in our basement because we don’t have the room to put them out. I’m going to turn my room into a little book nook. My husband hasn’t decided yet what you want to do with his room but he has many ideas. For the rest of our house I know we’re gonna upgrade our kitchen, we’re gonna upgrade our bathroom, we’re gonna paint all of the rooms, we areĀ  working to get tile floors, new carpet. We’re definitely gonna keep carpet in the bedroom but were thinking about getting hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house. It’s gonna be a long journey but I hope we survive it.

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