IT HAS BEGUN-Bathroom Remod

So we’ve been remodeling our home. We have our bathroom completely done now with new paint on the wall that is a pale blue and new tile is almost a light brown or tan color. It looks fantastic. We got in new cabinet for the bathroom new mirror, new countertop new faucet. We also got new spicket and shower head in the shower. We got new racks for the towels and a new shower curtain. Everything is new and I love it. Surprisingly enough we accomplished this project without a single argument. I am so very proud of us! We agreed on everything from the tile, to the paint, fixtures, to the towel rack. We both wanted the same thing and it was awesome.barewalls

(gutted bathroom)

We got that old fashion looking faucet that looks like a water well pump in matte and it is my most favorite thing of the bathroom. All of the hardware that we installed in the bathroom has a matte finish which I love. I love the way polished stainless feels but it’s so hard to clean and I don’t want that soap scum lime build up film that always shows up on it. That made the matte an easy choice.  We stuck with the shower curtain because I don’t like the doors because the tracks always get so disgusting and they’re so hard to clean and I also dislike the track because no matter what you do you always get that mildew all over it. So we stuck with the shower curtain. We got a huge shower nozzle attachment, which is better than our old one because the head is detachable and it makes cleaning the shower so much easier. We did have to upgrade our water heater though because the volume of water is actually much higher and running out of hot water is not one of my favorite things. It was pretty frustrating because we just completed a water heater repair a couple weeks before on our existing tank but we were able to salvage the old tank for re-use in our soon to be built basement bathroom. I love the way our new bathroom look and I could not be more happy with it.

Until the next project,

Larry + Susan

Time to Remodel…. plumbing, flooring and paint

My husband and I have decided to do some renovation and improvement on our home, we have also decided to decorate it differently as well. It’s pretty much time for a change. For the most part it’s going well, we are having some difficulty agreeing on how to decorate and what type of flooring we want in it. We have slightly different taste so we are trying to find a good compromise.

One of the things that is making it easier for us is that we have two extra rooms so each of us get a room and then we can make that our own and decorated it however we want in there. So that’s helping to make the other room where we actually have to agree on stuff easier to deal with. I am a book lover so for my room I’m going to make it my own personal library. I’m going to build shelves on the wall all walls and floor to ceiling, this way I can display all of my books. I have so many books right now that the majority of them are in boxes in our basement because we don’t have the room to put them out. I’m going to turn my room into a little book nook. My husband hasn’t decided yet what you want to do with his room but he has many ideas. For the rest of our house I know we’re gonna upgrade our kitchen, we’re gonna upgrade our bathroom, we’re gonna paint all of the rooms, we are  working to get tile floors, new carpet. We’re definitely gonna keep carpet in the bedroom but were thinking about getting hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house. It’s gonna be a long journey but I hope we survive it.

Improving Your Home For Under $5000



House remodelings are ending up being increasingly well-known and there is a whole lot you may do for under  $5,000.

Before going on with any work you ought to think of the purpose of your planned renovations. Do you aim to keep in the building and also take pleasure in the end result, or even are you attempting to create your property a lot more saleable? This will certainly figure out how you utilize your budget. Additionally think about whether you drinking the capability, time as well as disposition to perform some of the work on your own. This may cut costs yet we have actually all listened to DIY catastrophe tales and also some projects are better left to specialists.

Redecorating is actually perhaps among the most basic possibilities. A coating of paint is cheap as well as are going to instantly refurbish any area. Remember to stay with neutral colours if you are actually preparing to sell. Sometimes the wall surfaces will definitely not be good enough for coating, or even you could favor the benefit a design will definitely bring to a space, therefore newspaper will certainly be actually necessary. Wall structure paper is actually most expensive as well as the work is actually even more entailed so you could need a decorator.

A yard remodeling could consist of anything coming from including a few interesting or brilliantly colored plants and containers, to a complete incrustation redesign. Simply cutting hedges as well as plants are going to raise area as well as light, while taking care of the lawn and switching out that broken fence will certainly tune up the restaurant up. Including a patio for outdoor lifestyle will promote use from your landscape. Acquire quotes coming from any type of workers before they begin and also remember your budget might should consist of landscape home furniture.

Built in furniture, for example in bed rooms or a home office, are going to assist make the most of the area offered. There are actually many firms supplying this kind of service with a vast choice from designs, colours and finish to fit your budget plan. The cost is going to usually consist of a concept service to encourage you.

New home furniture, rugs or even other floor covering, and add-ons will naturally change a room. You may properly incorporate this with redesigning to finish the makeover. Merchants on the higher road as well as online offer a big selection for all tastes and budget plans. A lot of will certainly additionally deliver interior design insight free if you devote over a collection volume and they will ordinarily provide alternatives for funding your venture with an affordable financing or even interest-free credit score terms.

The definitive wood flooring guide

Buying hardwood flooring can be quite intimidating in 2016.  Reason being, there are so many choices!  There are literally thousands of varieties available and it is hard to decide what would be best for your home.  While we can’t cover everything about the buying process here, what are goal is with this article is to give you more insight on different species and varieties of wood flooring to help you decide what might be nest for you.  There are many different things to keep in mind when choosing a species of wood.  Texture, color, wood grain, style and durability are just a few.  As an example, some designers say that a lighter colored wood would be an appropriate choice for a casual feeling room and a darker colored wood would ooze sophistication and might be a better choice for any type of formal room. These are obviously just suggestions and keep in mind that there are no definitive rules when it comes to choosing your new floor.  The most important thing is your personal taste and what fits into your budget.  Different species can be very far apart in price so that may be something that can help you decide if you are limited on funds.

Many different wooden floor installers have preferences on which wood they like to work with because of ease of installation or how well the boards suck up next to each other.  Sometimes installers will suggest a different wood simply because they do not want to do the extra work involved with installing some of the exotic species.

Like mentioned earlier, there are thousands of wood species available today so we can not very well list them all without starting a hardwood-wiki page. 😉  That being said we will list some of the most common types that are popular today.


  • Cherry – Cherry is light brown in color but it is a very soft wood and for that reason it is usually not used as a flooring material.  When used in a floor it is more for an accent or inlay.
  • White oak – Contrary to its name, white oak is a brown wood that sometimes has a gray overtone. IT has a similar grain to its sister wood Red oak but is slightly more swirly in nature.White oak is quite a bit harder than its reddish counterpart as well.
  • Douglas fir – Tan in color this type of wood is very soft and should only be used in certain situations.  To be honest with you, it would probably be best to stay away from this for just that reason.
  • Beech – Beechwood is brownish red in color and the grain almost looks like a repeated pattern and looks very similar throughout every cut of wood. This is a great choice if you like consistency. It is also well known for being shock resistant.
  • Pine – Pine is a cheaper option than most and is usually brownish yellow in color, the grain contains a lot of variation and usually includes a lot of knots. Unfortunately it is quite a bit softer than a lot of other woods but actually does surprisingly well as a floor especially in a cottage or cabin.
  • Birch – This wood have a wide range of color, on the dark end it is a dark red and the lighter side it is a very soft yellow.  On the hardness scale it comes in below both types of oak but it is still a great choice and holds up well.
  • Red oak –  This is by far the most commonly used species of wood used in the industry. It has a very coarse grain and has a reddish hue. It is a hardy wood that holds up under high traffic but it is not the highest traffic resistant wood.

When trying to choose a wood floor it is important to take the price into account.  Wood floors are almost always without fail priced per foot squared.  What that means is you will get the equivalent of 1 square foot of coverage for whatever the dollar amount is.  Before deciding it is a good idea to take measurements of the are you would like to cover that way you can do some basic math when scoping out different options.  Pricing is all over the board, the cheapest of which will be a parquet style floor that you might be able to find for under $1 per square foot.  An average price for oak will usually be between 2-4 dollars and the more rare and exotic species can be anywhere from 5- 20 dollars per foot squared.

Hardness is another factor that you should keep in mind.  If you have a house full of children and animals then a softer wood might not be your best choice.  Hardwoods are rated on a scale.  The scale used is the Janka hardness scale.  The scale measures how much force it takes to drive a .444 ball bearing to the halfway point into the wood.  The higher the number is on the scale, the harder the wood rating.

There is also a grading system for wood, the grade of a wood was put in place to differentiate the look and quality of wood flooring.  Grading will take into account a lot of different factors including the color, the grain consistency relative to the species and the amount of imperfections. The highest grade will be marked with the word “Select”.  Select wood will have less imperfections and will look more consistent when compared to lower grades.



The new MGM and Nova cane and teak garden furniture is here

The new MGM and Nova cane and teak wood landscape furniture is here


Now that the weather is actually hot you are starting to think about how to best utilize any of your outdoor spaces.  Whether a deck, your yard, a brick paver patio or even a hot tub porch choosing the right furniture can help make the transition from inside to out a seamless one.

For certain areas it might make more sense to purchase some outdoor furniture made from teak wood.  In other areas it might look better to choose something made from aluminum.  Teak furniture can be nice when on a wood deck because it blends nicely with most types of decking.  Wrought Iron can also be a great choice for an outdoor brick paver patio because it compliments the brick so well and keeps with an industrial look.  Any of the choices listed are great outdoor choices.

If you are furnishing a sunroom you might be able to get away with using traditional furniture in that area.  In my opinion this is a better option for a sunroom and keeps with the standard living space look and makes the transition even more seamless.

Teak is a beautiful wood that is traditionally used to make walking sticks.  It is a pretty sturdy wood otherwise it would not be used as a cane to support the weight of a human being.  I consider the overall look of Teak to flow well with a cottage type space.  Not to say that is the rule or anything, just that I think it gives you that nice relaxing feeling that you have when you visit a cottage for the weekend.

One other feature of Teak is that it can be used easily indoor or outdoor and this means that you can use the furniture year round, making room in a basement is a great option for the winter time in order to get more use out of your outdoor furniture.  Teak furniture is available in many different colors from espresso to a light natural stain.  You have the ability to choose a stain that will go with your decor.

If you are planning on furnishing an outdoor bbq or stone patio then you may want to go with an aluminum set of furniture.  Nice metal furniture can make for a great centerpiece to your area and will also be very functional.  When you buy quality aluminum furniture they are built to last a lifetime and you will be able to use the furniture for years to come, it may even outlast you. haha

No matter what type of outdoor area you would like to highlight or add function to, there are a lot of quality options out there for you.  Visiting a local furniture maker is the way to go.  The big box stores are becoming worse and worse every year and most of the furniture that they carry is cheaply made in China and will not stand up to the weather.  Obviously you will pay a premium to get handmade products but you have to look at the big picture and try to keep in mind that you will probably get about five times of life out of something that only cost you 3 times as much money.


Lighting Buying Guide

Illumination Purchasing Manual

Photo © Aleks Slota
We have put together a short guide in order to help you properly choose what types of lighting might be the right fit for your needs in your home or office.  There is something to be said for lighting up your particular life with a certain glow that is true to your personality and way of life.  Not a lot a people pay attention to lighting now a days but with just a bit of attention you can add drama and excitement to your home just by choosing the right type of lighting.

Not only is it important to pay attention to the illumination that a lamp will create but it is also important to see what type of pattern that the light will cast onto the room in question.  Buying a lamp simply because it looks cool might leave you disappointed in the long term because of the shadows or lack of coverage that the lamp provides.

You will also need to think about where you plan on using the lighting.
– Interior lighting:

  • Lounge
  • Bathroom
  • Office
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room

– Outdoor Lights:

  • House
  • Yard or landscaping lights

You will want to look for the following features as a good set of lighting will provide the following-

– Cast light as well as brighten
– Improve on poorly lit areas
– Give an area a specific aura
– Personalize and boost safety and security

Once you have gone through and decided what type of lighting and where the lighting will be located it will be much easier to make a decision on what to look for.  There are many different types of lighting systems to choose from depending on what you are looking for

Ceiling: Ceiling lights can be a great center piece for a living room and can also be a conversation starter.

Roof fixtures: Canister lighting can be great to highlight certain areas or even artwork that you have on display.

Pendant lights: Unlike the canister lights, pendant lights hang below the ceiling on a rope or chain.  This can add a very interesting look similar to that if a pendant hanging from a necklace.

Mounted lights: Track lighting contains a series of lights placed to a metal strip. These are great because they can usually be moved by hand and will swivel to different areas below.

Wall-mounted fixtures: Wall surface candlesticks might be fixed to wall surfaces. Used to highlight paintings, art work and other décor regions, they light up the surface of a wall as well as incorporate a touch of complexity.

Swing-arm lamps: Great for utility and function these are great for a study or office.

Table Lamps: Dining table lights, work desk lamps are effective in a study space.  They can also be used to light up a work station in your garage.

Flooring Lamps: When choosing a floor lamp ask the following questions.

1) What is the objective of the light (cosmetic, functional or even highlighting (any or all)

2) Does the style fit my decor’?

3) What type of material is it made from?  (wood, metal, plastic)

Types of Floor Lamps:.

a) Console Flooring Lamp: Timeless classic, single upright rod with single lightbulb.
b) Tree light: Upright rod with several offshoots each of which contain a lightbulb.
c) Arc Lamps: Upright rod with a single curved rod that can overhang into the room.
d) Torch Lamps: Designed to highlight, this is a great lightweight option that can make an environment.

Exterior Lamps: Used to highlight areas and for safety.

Path lights: crucial to highlight walking paths

Light lights: Useful in patio area and outdoor regions, you can dangle them on the wall structure beside the front door, or even in a free doorway, or outside the house on wall structures that run parallel to the yard.

Floodlights: You could highlight any type of region like sitting location in the backyard, or simply to decorate an area.

Lanterns: Offering a fascinating contrast to contemporary décor, you can easily light up lanterns to highlight the yard, gateway, lawn, entrance way, or even garage.

I imagine that we probably missed a few styles of lights but hopefully this was a large enough list to get you started.

Choosing And Care Of Oriental Rugs

Selecting And Care Of Asian Carpets


There is nothing more striking on a floor than that of an oriental rug.  There are a lot of designers out there that will completely design the room around a single rug.  The treat it as a center piece of sorts and with good reason.  The intricacies that go into an oriental rug can be quite stunning.

Pricing of oriental rugs are dependent on a few things such as the amount of time spent and the grade of the materials that were used to create it.  The best thing to look for is one made from a high quality wool and dyes.  When you come across cheap oriental rugs they will usually be made with synthetic fibers and can use substandard dyes that will bleed when wet.

There are a lot of fake oriental rug out there these days.  A true oriental rug is made completely by hand and a lot of manufactures are labeling their rugs as oriental when in reality they are selling rugs that are made in a factory by a machine.  Any expert in the field can easily tell the difference when inspecting a fraudulent rug. Those machines can simply not create the same type of knots necessary to make it a true oriental.  One other way to ensure that a rug is actually hand made is to check the bottom of the rug.  If the bottom is coated in some type of plastic or synthetic rubber then you almost definitely have a fake.  Also if the bottom portion is not incorporated directly into the rug itself then you most likely have one made in a factory.  With a hand made rug the bottom will be part of the rug and hand woven into it.  Always purchase a new rug from a reputable vendor or flooring store otherwise you might be taken for a magic carpet ride. hehe

A couple tips for when you do get a rug…

  1. Quality under padding– this will ensure that your rug will live a long life and will not be damaged by traffic on the hard wood or tile floor.  This will also help keep it in place.
  2. Keep it out of direct sun- This can sometimes be unavoidable but if you have a choice then my suggestion would be to keep it out of direct sunlight.  The suns powerful rays will damage the color of your new rug especially when it is sitting the sun for years on end.
  3. Never dry clean– I know that this one may come as a surprise but oriental rugs are very delicate to wash.  Dry cleaning is not good but neither is carpet steam cleaning.  Both of these will strip your rug of the natural oils that keep it from becoming brittle and dry.  Remember that real oriental rugs are made from wool and wool is full of oil similar to human hair.  These oils keep the hair healthy, same goes for wool.  The only way that I suggest to clean them is using a local pro that knows the proper way to keep the integrity in tact .

I hope that this article has been insightful and aids in your search for a quality carpet.  We hope to have other buying guides in the near future.  Let us know if you have any suggestions or requests.


How To Choose Good Floor Mats For Your Car

Ways to Decide on Great Floor Mats For Your Automobile

If you are in the market place and want to settle on a good set of floor mats once and for all, think about the after market options as opposed to those accessible for purchase through your automobile dealer. In many instances, these after market additions are more affordable compared to those  marketed straight with your auto dealer some of the aftermarket solutions offer better quality at a more affordable price. Normally, there are many different makers of after market add-ons for automobiles, including floor mats that produce items particular for different makes and versions from automobiles. Using our guide you will be sure to find a precision fit solution for keeping your cars floors new and clean.

For beginners, look to a well constructed floor mat that adequately matches your car. Picking a flooring mat that is too small will certainly not appropriately defend the floorboard, while choosing a flooring mat that is too big could possibly induce a slip up danger when getting in or leaving the automobile, and even trigger the motorist to crash if the floor covering comes to be bunched underneath the pedals. Be sure to only purchase mats that are made specifically for your make and model.

Next off, choose a floor mat from a durable material. Usually, the options range between flooring mats built from carpet and rugs and those crafted from rubber. If you are seeking style, then select a carpeted floor mat, always be sure to purchase floor mats that are treated with some type of stain repellent. Also, select a carpet color that matches or even collaborates with the interior from your motor vehicle. Choose a rubber flooring mat for hauling or even for easy cleanup. If you are looking for mats for a work truck then rubber mats will probably be your best option.  Some rubber mats utilize a material called epdm.  EPDM is a very strong rubber sheet product that is used for rubber roofing repair when trying to keep a roof waterproof so naturally this would be a great choice for protecting your interior. Rubber mats will usually have a slightly raised edge that will trap any spills including liquids and solids.  When you get to your destination you will be able to pull the entire thing out and empty it into the garbage can or the ground.

Ultimately, choose a floor mat that best goes with the interior of your auto. The auto personalization market has expanded to impressive proportions, therefore look at selecting a floor covering that is actually personalized to suit your style. These individualized floor coverings can easily feature every thing from your name to the lot of your favorite race car driver to ensure that your car is actually one-of-a-kind and individual. For instance, have a carpet floor mat stitched with a particular style or even some other tailored component making your automobile stand out from the rest of the crowd. Likewise along this customizable product line, a lot of producers make flooring mats in a variety of different colors that can easily match or collaborate well with the inside from your auto. Whatever your requirements and your preferred appearance, make certain that your floor mats are actually made of superior quality products that are going to stand up to the weathering from continual use and also periodical cleaning.

Japanese Interior Decorating

Oriental Interior Decorating


Taking care of an oriental carpet. Constant vacuuming is very important. Understanding when your oriental rug might need cleaning.

You could locate nothing lovelier to spruce up your property than a gorgeous oriental rug. Whatever your color or design scheme, you can easily find an Asian rug to satisfy that motif, due to the fact that they come in every possible color and design.
Oriental rugs will certainly last for many years, or even generations, if they are actually correctly maintained. It might appear like an uphill struggle to appropriately wash an oriental carpet just keeping a few things in mind can help you with keeping your rug beautiful for years to come.

The first line of defense for preserving your oriental rug is actually vacuuming. Don’t listen to folks that tell you that vacuuming an Asian rug will certainly damage it. The opposite is true, just as long as you perform in a proper way. The most important key to vacuuming the rug safely is to keep the vacuum at a higher setting so it does not snag the fibers. You could even consider taking the beater bar off entirely, you are only trying to suck out the dirt, not comb the fibers.

If your carpet has actually reached a point where a quick vacuuming is not keeping it fresh and clean, then a deeper clean may be in order.If anyone is to spill something on your rug be sure to blot the area immediately. If the area has time to set then you are gonna be in for some trouble to get it clean. If the stain is allowed to set and you did not get to it in time then it may be time to deliver it to a rug specialist. If you can not find a specialist online then you can probably speak with a dry cleaner to see if they have any experience cleaning rugs.

A professional in oriental rug cleaning knows how the rug is put together and will take great care in cleaning it in a way that will not damage the rug. If you have the choice between a pro and a novice then choosing a pro is the way to go. A pro recognizes how to do things properly.
These companies discover that an Asian carpet may be effectively cleaned without any long-term damages to the carpet. They utilize certain chemicals that are added to the water to make sure none of the beautiful colors are lost. Trying to clean a rug on your own will more than likely end in disappointment because Oriental rugs are very easy to ruin if you use the wrong cleaner or even the wrong temperature of water. Do not think you can place the rug in a tub from water and scrub the rug clean. You will certainly ruin the rug that you have worked so hard to get clean.

If you want your oriental carpet to be a portion of your life for a number of years, and this undoubtedly can be, you ought to do your routine health including vacuuming and simple spill cleaning, and also leave the heavy duty care to professionals that will do it the right way.